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Your garage and shop don’t have to be a messy dumping ground for tools, unfished projects, and seasonal equipment. Instead, it can be relatively simple to get a great garage or workshop if you have a free weekend to get organized. Whether you choose to use a company like GFC Ohio or want to do some simple improvements yourself, we’ve got the resources and experience to make sure you get the work and storage space you need for your home.

Here are the best garage and shop organization tips that will help give you the garage you’ve always wanted.

6 Of The Best Garage and Shop Organization Tips

When you’re ready to optimize your garage and shop, we’ve got a couple of tips to give you a much more functional space.

1. Clear Out Unnecessary and Dangerous Items

Never store a propane tank in your garage. They should always be kept outside in a cool shaded area. A propane tank and other flammable items can start a fire that could ruin your vehicle.

Clear out the junk so that there is enough space for your cars, and as a result, your garage looks clean. Most of us use only a small fraction of items stored in the garage. Throw away or sell any items that you do not need.

Garage and Shop Organization Clear Out Unnecessary and Dangerous Items

You should never store a propane tank in your garage.

2. Do Not Leave Things on the Floor

You should not leave useful items on the floor. It is better to store them in a dedicated cabinet space where they will remain safe and easy to retrieve. This will help you to cut down on clutter and unnecessary items. Clearing away items from the floor is also necessary for safety since it can reduce the risk of tripping and falling.

Our custom cabinets options will give you the space you need to hide away chemicals and power tools so that your children don’t get into them, and you don’t trip over them.

3. Upgrade Your Workbench

Installing or building your own workbench, if you don’t already have one, is a great way to add focus to your garage or shop and give yourself a real place to work on your projects. The best workbenches often have drawers to help you keep your tools organized too.

Consider installing a large pegboard above your workbench so you can hang up hooks and shelves to store the tools you use most often.

Garage and Shop Organization New Workbench

4. Update Your Garage Floor Coating

Another way to enhance your garage or shop is to update your concrete flooring. Your garage doesn’t have to be just a bland slab of gray. Instead, we can transform your floor into a usable space that you want to spend time in. All of our coating styles at GFC Concrete Solutions are finished off with a top coat that is entirely impermeable, making it easy to maintain and has a beautiful shine. See our recent garage transformations to see what might be the best solution when it comes to your garage and shop organization.

Garage and Shop Organization Update Your Garage Floor Coating

5. Better Lighting

Don’t rely on just one lonely and sad bulb to illuminate your garage. A sound lighting system will improve the look of your garage and make it more inviting.

Plus, having good lighting will make it easier to find the things you’re looking for and give you the light you need when working on your next project.

6.  Use Cabinets

You can organize your garage with cabinets to adequately store all necessary tools and equipment conveniently. Cabinets, both custom and manufactured, come in a dazzling array of colors, shapes, and sizes to enhance the look of your garage and augment its functionality.

Your days of leaving tools, kids’ toys, unfinished projects, and seasonal equipment all over your garage and workshop are over when you invest in custom cabinets. All those random items will finally have a place, and all the clutter will be cleaned up and organized. We can turn any cabinet idea you have into a custom cabinet solution that is ready to install within just a few weeks!

We have pre-designed packages you can pick from, or we can design a cabinet package built just for your space. Whatever you decide, GFC delivers the highest quality in storage cabinets.

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Garage and Shop Organization Cabinets

GFC Provides Amazing Storage Solutions

Who says that a garage cannot be stylish? With our attractive looking custom cabinets, we can transform your garage’s aesthetics besides enhancing its utility. You can keep your tools in one place and locate them quickly when needed. What’s more, you get an amazing lifetime warranty so that you will never need to worry about them. The lifetime warranty manifests our confidence in the quality and durability of our cabinets. We stand by our claim of quality and durability with a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind. When you need help with your garage and shop organization, we can help! For premium custom cabinets that will last a lifetime, contact GFC cabinets today.

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