garage floor repair full flake coating

Garage Floor Repair Full Flake Coating

Due to the forced quarantine brought on by COVID-19, a lot of people are working on home improvements, including upgrading their garage flooring. Knowing when you should get your garage floor repaired is a difficult call for many homeowners and business owners. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the damage can vary widely from one garage to another.

Here we go over a couple of issues that are the typical culprit for floor damage, and how a garage floor replacement with GFC Ohio might be the best solution for you.

When Should You Get Your Garage Floor Repaired?

Not sure when you should get your garage floor repaired? Read on as we discuss types of damage, their causes, and when you should repair your floor or replace it altogether.

High Traffic Garages

When it comes to deciding when to get your garage floor repaired, consider how much traffic your garage actually endures. Whether it’s your home garage or a garage used by your business, consider the average weight of the vehicles parked on the floor. Is there a lot of everyday foot traffic? Is your garage floor exposed to chemicals or liquid materials? They might be contributing to concrete deterioration.

If your garage floor experiences fairly high foot and vehicle traffic, then repairing your floors might be necessary more often than not.

Garage Floor Repair High Traffic Floor

Old Garage Floors

Sometimes a garage floor just needs to be replaced because of its age. Typically, when you invest in a garage floor surface, they provide about 20-25 years of damage-free use. If your garage is older than that, or you have no idea when it was replaced last, it might be time to consider a garage floor replacement.

In addition, a poorly installed garage floor surface could be a key factor into how well your floor holds up over time. There are a lot of ways to cut corners when it comes to installing – and that leads to a floor that gets damaged more easily and doesn’t last as long as it should.

Garage Floor Repair Old Floor Repair

Shrinkage Cracks

Typically, you’ll be able to tell if you need to replace or repair your garage floor if you’re seeing cracks. How severe these cracks are will inform you on how to proceed. First, we’ll discuss shrinkage cracks.

Shrinkage cracks are also known as hairline cracks and they show up when poured concrete begins to shrink as it dries and cures. Eventually it begins to show cracks and breaks in your floor surface. They are small cracks and relatively minor – but repairing them is just a short term solution. The longer you leave cracks unrepaired, the more they grow due to moisture seeping into the cracks.

Typically, these cracks show up due to the ongoing freezing and thawing cycle. The concrete floor expands and contracts with the weather, and moisture can cause more degradation in your floor.

garage floor repair shrinkage
Garage Floor Repair Shrinkage Cracks

Settlement Cracks

Settlement cracks are typically larger and more serious than shrinkage cracks. They usually occur when the soil beneath the flooring shifts. If your floor wasn’t installed properly, the likelihood of these cracks showing up increases. Over time, water and salt in settlement cracks will cause more structural problems.

If the cracks in your garage floor have an opening greater than or equal to ⅛” opening, it definitely should be replaced sooner than later.

Your garage floor may be crumbling or cracked due to ineffective water drainage, leaking vehicle fluids, and exposure to household chemicals.

garage floor repair settlement
Garage Floor Repair Settlement Cracks

When Should You Get Your Garage Floor Repaired? Today!

Now that you know a little bit more about types of damage, hopefully you’re feeling better about the decision to replace or repair your garage floor. If aesthetics of your garage floor is important to you, then simply patching the damaged parts of your floor can be visually unappealing.

At GFC Ohio, we strive to be your one-stop shop when it comes to epoxy flooring solutions. We can help assess the damage and make suggestions on the perfect solution for you so that your garage floor can stand the test of time. Especially if you’re using your garage for your business, you want your floor to be easy to clean and visually appealing to potential clients and customers.

We have custom options to help you create the look you want, and make sure that your floor is durable and will last a long time. Regardless of your industry or your budget, we have options for everyone. Plus, we do more than just garage floor repairs! Basements, residential garages, custom closet organization, and more – we can help you find a long lasting and beautiful solution custom built for you.

If you have questions about when you should get your garage floor repaired, give us a call today and let us help. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and friendly, and you’ll get great customer service as well as great recommendations to optimize your space. Stop worrying about your garage floors, and instead start relaxing knowing that we got you covered.

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