Decorative Concrete Coating Solutions Residence

Decorative Concrete Coating in a Residence

Previously, concrete was associated with a plain and dull-looking grey finish with little to no subtleties and patterns. But all that has changed with the emergence of decorative concrete.

It is now considered a hot and trendy new material that provides protection and aesthetic appeal to a living space. Today’s builders, designers, and even homeowners are starting to recognize the incredible value that comes with incorporating decorative concrete into their plans and home designs. You can transform that traditional boring gray slab of concrete into warm and inviting floors, expensive-looking and luxurious patios, and even weather-resistant options for all of your outdoor spaces.

When you utilize all of our decorative concrete options at GFC Ohio, you can get the look you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe you love Spanish Tile or a dark marble stain. Concrete coatings can get you the style you want or nearly have the cost. We’ve got the best tools and ideas when it comes to concrete stains and dyes, textures to use, and patterns to work with so that your cement floor becomes one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and durable materials on the market today.

Keep on reading to discover why choosing decorative concrete could be the best decision you make for your flooring.

Decorative Concrete Coating Solutions Office
Decorative Concrete Coating in an Office

Why Decorative Concrete Is An Amazing Option For Any Space

Ready to upgrade your existing floor with decorative concrete? Here we discover why a decorative concrete coating solution might be the affordable and long-lasting way to go.

Unique Patterns

Modern decorative concrete floors have unlimited possibilities when it comes to patterns and designs. When finished by skilled concrete craftsmen, concrete floors can even exceed the flamboyance of expensive stone floors.

Each creation is personalized with the character and preferences of the owner. You have the freedom to enhance and mold the application to your desires and liking.

Decorative Concrete Coating Solutions SalonDecorative Concrete Coating in a Salon

From impeccable fake floors that mask dirt to one of a kind metallic floors that personify elegance, you can fulfill all your flooring needs with this handy material. Oh, and don’t forget the solid industrial floors, mica fake floors, urethane cement, and a classic stain & seal.

Cost-Effective and Durable

The upfront cost for decorative concrete floors is higher than some other options like ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, or wood floors. However, compare that value over the floor’s life, and you will have an entirely different landscape.

Concrete’s durability is second to none when it is professionally installed. With proper maintenance, concrete is one of the toughest materials on this planet and will last you for decades.

Talking about value for money, you also don’t get the same elaborate patterns and gorgeous designs in wood, quarry, or ceramic tile floors. The only way you can achieve the same level of elegance as decorative concrete is by opting for slate, marble, or stone as your options. They are much less affordable than concrete.

Decorative Concrete Coating Solutions Patio
Decorative Concrete Coating in a Patio

Better for Your Environment

Decorative concrete is a great overall choice for an indoor space. It is a fantastic option for people who want intricate designs on their floors but have allergic reactions due to carpets. Concrete will never emit any pollen or dust particles that fire up your allergies.

It’s also a brilliant choice for optimal radiant heating. Decorative concrete has exceptional thermal mass properties. This refers to its ability to absorb and store heat.

Decorative Concrete Coating Solutions radiant heating
Radiant Floor Heating System Under Decorative Concrete

The way a radiant floor heating system works is simple: hot water tubes or electrical heating tubes are fixed inside your concrete slab when it’s poured. This method uses the thermal mass of your concrete to turn it into a subtle radiator of warmth.

A heated concrete floor keeps your feet toasty, controls your indoor temperature, and keeps heat near the floor. This all occurs without the noise of blowing air vents and without allergens/pollutants coming through.

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Now you have a better idea of how to use concrete to create a beautiful and custom floor for either your home or your business. It’s time for you to transform your living space and use this exclusive material in a custom-made, personalized form that goes with your personality. GFC Ohio is your one-stop-shop for decorative concrete solutions. We ensure top-quality installation of long-lasting and easy to maintain products.

Because of our experience and knowledge about this industry, we are able to quickly get your floor finished in as little as one day. We know how important is to be able to get back to work or with your daily lives, which is why we know you will love our fast and efficient installation process. Let us transform your business or residential space into a professional, clean, and durable space you can enjoy for years to come.

Confused about how to make the most of your space? Give us a call for a free consultation, and our friendly experts will provide personalized recommendations for your garage, basement, or office in the Ohio area.

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Concrete Coating Styles

Concrete Coating Styles

Concrete Coating finishes should be durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically-appealing. GFC Concrete Coatings is proud to offer the industry’s top-performing products that are ideal for garages, basements, Churches, warehouses and much more.