Coating Styles

Concrete Coating finishes should be durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically-appealing. GFC Concrete Coatings is proud to offer the industry’s top-performing products that are ideal for garages, basements, Churches, warehouses and much more. Our GFC Install Team is second to none when laying our concrete coating applications, specializing in custom detail, flake floors and metallic finishes. Best of all, our experienced installation team can get your new flooring installed and ready for use in as little as one day!

3 Car flake garage floor

Flake Floors

Flake Floors from GFC Concrete Coatings are installed with industrial grade epoxy or polyaspartic products. Depending on the condition of your concrete, job site specifics and customer needs we make a recommendation on what Flake system will best suit your needs. 

Flake Floor systems come in a combination of colors, blended to disguise dirt and always look beautiful. We carry several color options in stock as well as make custom color Flake blends to match your favorite sports team, High School mascots, home exteriors and more. In addition to custom color options, we can also install flake floors with accent borders, stripes, tile lines, logos and more. 

The impermeable finish of a Flake Floor makes these coatings easy to clean and ideal for garages, basements, patios, pool decks, locker rooms, warehouses and more.

epoxy flooring in a manufacturing facility

Partial Flake Floor:

Partial Flake floors offer a clean look that is ideal for storage areas, mechanic shops, and Kennels. Like the Full Flake Floor, the Partial Flake floors are impermeable, the difference is in the flake distribution. The partial distribution of chips allows the customer to see dirt on the floor, ensuring that all dirt and other contaminants are cleaned up promptly.

Mica Flake System

Mica Flake Floor

A concrete coating system is a beautiful addition to any room, especially when the flake blend is designed with shavings of Mica Stone. Our Mica blend floors resemble a solid granite stone and warm up any space. This upgraded application features the same impermeable surface that is easy to clean and easy on the eyes as our Full Flake floors, with a bit more glam and sparkle.

White 'Marble' metallic coaiting

Metallic Floor

A Metallic floor coating is not for the faint of heart. This one of a kind floor comes in any color or combination of colors with an organic smoke like flow that is classy and seamless. By combining metallic pigment with epoxy we accomplish a rich 3-dimensional effect that can not be achieved by acid staining, concrete staining, polishing or solid color epoxy coatings. 

This trendy concrete coating floor finish is ideal for basements, showrooms, salons and more. Our GFC industrial grade epoxy is designed, tested and proven worthy for high traffic areas, giving this finish a wide range of application options. Metallic concrete coatings are impermeable, easy to clean and come with a satin high wear topcoat that gives you a flawless sheen. It’s easy to see why these floors are show stoppers.

epoxy flooring on factory floor

Industrial Solid Floors

Concrete Coating systems are made for high traffic and tough environments. In an industrial setting, we offer 2 or 3 coat solid Epoxy, Polyaspartic and Urethane coatings that can withstand the heavy work environment. Our Industrial solid color concrete coating system comes in a variety of anti-skid aggregates giving our customers the durability they need along with the safety standards required. 

GFC Concrete Coatings takes the time to do a comprehensive survey of all job sites and customer needs to make sure we recommend and install the proper blend of products to keep up with the demands of the Industrial Industry.

urethane Cement

Urethane Cement

If you’re looking for the toughest and most durable floor that will outlast your building – Urethane Cement is what you’re looking for. A Urethane Cement Coatings by GFC Concrete Coatings is installed at 3/16 to ⅜  inch will hold up in the harshest environments, requires little to no maintenance and is easy to keep clean. 

A major benefit of this system is the high tolerance of moisture transmission allowing us to install the coating on freshly poured concrete and remove the necessity of an epoxy vapor guard. This system can withstand thermal shock and high impact making them a perfect floor for commercial kitchens, mezzanine areas, warehouses, industrial areas, manufacturing, and storage areas.

Dark Gray Stain and Seal

Stain & Seal

If you’re looking for a trendy, industrial coating that’s a perfect long-term solution for a hard floor surface a stain and seal could be for you. This coating is semi-transparent and can be applied is a variety of colors. Our GFC Stain & Seal applications can be applied in a variety of ways to achieve a more cohesive solid look or a multi-color mottled look. We finish off our Stains with an industrial strength top coat that leaves a showroom finish with durable texture. GFC Stain & Seal application are ideal in basements, rec rooms, restaurants, churches or showrooms and is the ideal application for basements or commercial spaces.

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